A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE by Tennessee Williams The opposite of death is desire...


Streetcar. Station. Desire. Stop. Cemetery. Elysian Fields. A poor neighborhood in New Orleans. Blanche arrives to reconnect with everything that connects her with a lost past. She will meet him who will destroy her past and shutter every hope for the future. Blanche is sensitive, fragile, romantic and insecure, she likes poetry and art, she loves the shadows, she seeks magic not realism, she needs to be cared for and protected. Stanley Kowalski is physically strong, has an intense sexuality, confidence and an almost inate rudeness and brutality. He screams, demands, drinks, plays cards, swears, hits.  The conflict is unavoidable.




Translation:                              Manolis Dounias
Direction:                                   Aliki Danezi-Κnutsen
Art:                                                Elena Katsouri
Costume:                                    Marina Hadjilouka
Light Design:                            Georgos Lazoglou
Music/Sound Design:          Andreas Michalopoulos
Movement:                                Alexis Vasileiou
Assistant Director:               Stella Philippidou


Cast: Christina Pavlidou, Nikos Poursanides, Yolanda Christodoulou, Stratos Sopilis, Anna Papageorgiou, Evagoras Theodosiou, Ioannis Charalambous, Stella Philippidou, Elena Kousi, David Anastasiou and Thanasis Drakopoulos

PREMIERE: December 4th, 2015

Fri, Sat 8p.m. / Sun 6p.m.

Tickets Sold at soeazy kiosks and at www.soldout-tickets.com.cy

Info at 70000146


streetcar-rehearsal-2 streetcar-rehearsal