PAINS OF YOUTH by Ferdinand Brüchner The erotic pulse of a decieved generation


Trapped between a war that has drained them them and another one which will humiliate them, Brüchner’s characters struggle to interpret what it means to be Human. A young Human. With strong will. With infinte possibilites.  A viceral erotic pulse moves these young people, defines the way they interact interact and compete with one another.  They sychronise themselves with this pulse, like it’s the only language they can understand.  In a unspoken conspiracy, they act until not a sliver of hope for the future remains anywere or in anyone. Nitche, Freud, Expressionism, the Weimar Cicle of art and the Womens liberation movement, undermine this play, although the playwrite stubbornly insists not to mention any of them.  Most importantly, that which remains silenced and unspoken but completely affects the world of the play is that we are in a period of time where hope is not existent. An entire nation prepares to consciously take part, with passion and force, in one of the biggest crimes in history…Nazism.

Translation Yorgos Depastas
Director | Dramaturgy Aliki Danezi-Knutsen
Music Monika
Lyrics of songs Monika-Stavros Xenides
Set-Costumes Marina Hadjilouka
Movement Alexis Vasiliou
Orchestration Aris Zervas
Lightning design Stavros Tartaris
Assistant to the Director Evita Ioannou
Assistant set-costume designer Eleni Ioannou


Starring Niovi Charalambous, Andreas Tselepos, Kika Georgiou, Niki Dragoumi, Venia Stamatiadi, Dimitris Georgiadis, Fotis Karalis