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Chinatown – The Three Shelters

91'/Action - Drama

A half Chinese half Greek 18 year old, born on an auspicious day in the Chinese calendar, sets out to avenge her father’s death and comes face to face with her own dark destiny.

Feature FILM

PAINS OF YOUTH by Ferdinand Brüchner

The erotic pulse of a decieved generation


A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE by Tennessee Williams

The opposite of death is desire


CALIGULA by Albert Camus

Nothing in this world, nothing in the next one, to my measure.


I IS ANOTHER by Michael Azar

Life is worth living if you have something worth dying for...


THE LIVES OF OTHERS by Albert Ostermayer

We come again and again face to face with betrayal...


GETHSEMANE by David Hare

A genius story about the ruthless world of politics...


FESTEN by David Eldridge

Every family has a secret...


Roads and Oranges

97' / Road Movie / 1996

Τwo sisters from Cyprus, whose father has been presumed dead since Turkish forces invaded their nation in 1974 receive word that may still be alive in Turkey. They set out to find him. Wavering between courage and fear, the sisters finds themselves wandering through a strange and unfamiliar land, looking for a man who may not want to be found.

Feature FILM

DINNER WITH FRIENDS by Donald Margulies

At the end, in this miserable world we are all fighting for happiness.



90' / Drama/ 2003

Two stories unfold simultaneously with Lea at the center of both. One story takes place in Montevideo, Uruguay, the other in Nicosia, Cyprus. Lea's disappeared brother is the catalyst for both stories. While in Nicosia a group of scientists attempts DNA recognition of missing persons, in Montevideo, Lea sees her brother in a photograph together with a tango singer. Are the two stories a game of parallel times? Does one of them belong to a different dimension? The answer is securely hidden inside ...the BAR.

Feature FILM


52' / Music Documentary/ 1998

In this film, the viewer is transported to a visual and aural feast in Fez, Morocco, where the Festival for World Sacred Music takes place annually.

Documentaries FILM

HURLY BURLY by David Rabe

1st Witch: When shall we three meet again?... 2nd Witch: When the hurlyburly’s done, when the battle is lost and won.


CLOSER by Patrick Marber

The desperate attempt of four people to come close. To come closer.


Eyes of a Blue Dog

15 min / Drama / 2005

A man and a woman meet regularly in their dream. They decide a "code" to recognise one another in daytime. The problem is that the man never, when awake, never remembers his dream...

FILM Shorts

Euphoria (2009)

10' / Mocumentary / 2009

An earthquake in the Pacific Ocean affects the people of the historical center of Athens, Greece. People begin to act strange, except one man who becomes the witness of it all.

FILM Shorts